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Be a Little Too Kind is a nonprofit organization located in Draper, Utah focused on assisting the homeless with homemade meals and other essential life sustaining items. 

Meet Our Board Members

Passion. Dedication. Charity.

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Jessica Lowe

Jessica is a trained chef, mother to 5 kids, and wife to her high school sweetheart, Austin. She spends most of her days being a mom (which is her favorite job), going to the gym or cooking up something amazing. The relationship she has with her 801 Homies is very special to her and she considers all of them as extended family. She does her best to put her whole heart in everything she gives to them.

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Austin Lowe

Austin has spent much of his life seeking service and a career that serves a greater purpose.  He has experience as an attorney, Marine, and business executive; bonus he's Jessica's husband. He loves this work because not only does serving  positively impact the homies, but it also brings joy and happiness to their children, family members, and friends.



Kelly Reynolds

Kelly Reynolds is a wife and mother of three. She is a long time friend of Jessica’s, and has followed her journey of building Be a Little Too Kind every step of the way. Kelly is not only a sound mind to turn to for advice, but she has donated a large amount of her time and money on several occasions to provide for the needs of Be a Little Too Kind. It was only fitting that she join the board as Treasurer to continue to help in decision making and financial allocations.



Bruce White

When Jessica decided to start her nonprofit, she reached out to her long time family friend, Bruce for guidance. He immediately offered to set it up for her for free because of his giving spirit. He is an amazing mentor to both Jessica AND her husband and although not officially on the board, he is considered a huge part of this organization because of his willingness to help. 

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